Benefits of Membership

  1. Fellowshipping with others in the community.
  2. Keeping informed on issues pertaining to the community.
  3. Enjoyment of using great facilities for both indoor and outdoor activities.

Please click HERE for a printer friendly membership application form.

 Current Members
Apopka Chamber of Commerce
Jean Osborne -LM
Bo & Barb Waller
Bob Harper – LM
Brice & Denise Grennell
Carolyn C. Seigler
Chuck & Carol Adkins -LM
Cindi Cioci – LM
Connie Hunter – LM
David & Holly Birko
Denny & Cindy Shiver
Diane Grimsley – LM
Gretta Planck
Faye Odom
Garry & Ellen Miller
Joseph & Nancy Moore LM
Kevin & Connie Hale
Kurt & Debbie Liebknecht
Marvin & Karen Barrett -LM
Ray & Ann Green
Richard Rogers -LM
Robert & Kim Barrett – LM
Robin Weiss – LM
Roger Brasseur -LM
Roland & Blondie Beaulieu – LM
Rosa Lee Ondich
Tangerine Improvement Society
Tim and Jodi Heeke
Trey & Mary Brasseur – LM
Vasco & Jean Barrett – LM

LM = Life Member